downing without drowning

Once when we were in Rome and about to climb the many many stairs to the top of the Vatican I had much prefer the idea of napping to stair climbing.  Knowing me all to well, Stephanie asked if I’d like some of her water.  I drank the whole bottle.  Just like that.  It was gone.  And within minutes I was rip-roar’n-ready-to-go.  I guess I didn’t realize how wilty I was.

The truth is that I love water.  I drink nearly 32 oz upon waking and continue to down nalgenes throughout the day.  Sometimes it is to stay awake.  Sometimes to keep my from eating.  Sometimes to wash down what I just ate.  Sometimes I just get thirsty!

I do not particularly like ice.  I used to blame it on having lived in Europe for too long (a statement with no real truth at all, I’d go back in a heartbeat), but I’ve come to realize that ice takes up too much room!   I cannot stand how long it takes servers to refill my glass.  I can down 16oz like noth’n, and when 8 of them are taken up by ice you might as well just stand there with the water pitcher, cause this’ll only take a minute.

Plus, my teeth get cold.



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3 responses to “downing without drowning

  1. phampants

    i’m still amazed by how fast you down that nalgene in the morning.

  2. transubstantial

    it’s true. you’re just like a pretty flower, you wilt without water.

  3. Mom

    Do flowers get crabby when they get wilty? Just sayin’.

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