grabbing at the air

I went to my hometown library this past week and couldn’t believe how small the space was. It is interesting to visit such places, as I now look at them with a different eye and wonder what type of budget they’re under. The place isn’t anything special, but it is certainly active, which is key.

I was infinitely disturbed to find the book You Can’t Have Him, He’s Mine: A Woman’s Guide to Affair-Proofing Her Relationship on the “new books” shelf. Seriously? Seriously. Come on people. Is this what our lives have come to? Even better, when you look it up on it suggests you buy it in conjunction with Gary Chapman’s The Five Love Languages, a book a actually think has value. It is concerned more about love than grabbing at something and keeping the other woman away.

I am so biased. Please don’t put me in charge of collection development.


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  1. Yeah, I went to my little small town library, and on the new arrivals was some teen’s guide to sex thing. It was probably just the print version of Teen Wire. 😦

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