Lent, Sir!

Flashback to freshman year. I lived in a giant room all alone across the street from Newman Hall. I was sitting my room chatting with Ashley online early one Friday night when she suggested jokingly that we should go to visit Liz in Chicago.

Within the hour she’d driven down from Kankakee and we drove north. To Evanston. To surprise Liz at the end of her sift at the hipster cafe. It was just after midnight when we arrived, and realizing that I’d done one of the most spontaneous things in my life, my heart was in my throat with excitement. She was surprised. She served of drinks and we waited around until she’d cleaned after-hours.

We then drove back to her apartment, but only got about half-way before realizing that we’d left a purse on top of the car. Of course, it was no longer there. But St. Anthony totally pulled through and we found it, unharmed, in the middle of an empty intersection back in Evanston.

We ate pretzels and went bowling at 3am. I somehow bowl better than ever at 3am. The bowling alley supplied us with free socks and the men working kept changing our names so when the giant Turkey picture came up it would say something other than “Liz.” Around 5 am we headed back to the apartment to eat more pretzels and sleep. On the way a man in a business suit yelled cat calls at us from his car. “It is LENT, SIR! and it is 5am! Stop cat calling at minors!”

By 11am I was back in Champaign in my empty room. Life is happy.


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  1. phampants

    It’s 106 miles to Chicago, we got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it’s dark, and we’re wearing sunglasses. Hit it.

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