garage sale

We were actually on our way to a wedding.  By no means were we early.  But somehow, on that crisp Saturday afternoon the GARAGE SALE sign caught our attention.  Check the clock.  Would there be time?  “I think we can make it.  The just is just down the street.”  “We’ll have to be quick,” he responded, “Let’s go.”
I turned the car into the neighborhood with great conviction as if we’d made a life-altering pact.  I parked a few houses away and we stepped out onto the sidewalk in our Sunday-best to hit up the sale of other people’s belonging.  Oh the irony.

He found a suede wool-lined coat and I found a light-blue H&M trench.  Both were in good condition.  I bargained and we walked away having spent only $10 for the set.  And then.  I saw the toaster oven.  A little dirty but works great! $2.  I stopped dead in my path.  I NEED a toaster-oven.  And it wasn’t even a “it’s only two dollars which necessitates a need” need.  Having just moved into a new apartment I actually NEEDED a toaster oven.

The garage-sale matron told me that she was having a hard time parting with it, as she’d had it for years.  Being that a new one showed up on their wedding registry she was being forced to sell it.

A sob story!  Two dollars!  I’m in!

We were late, of course.  And $12 poorer.  But the stop increase our morale and still makes me infinitely happy.


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  1. $12 poorer, but richer in style and conversationals when you arrived. You only missed first pick of sandwiches, anyhow.

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