He’s got great manners and stops talking at your request

A few weeks ago at the office my boss and I were going over a mailer he was about to send out–making corrections, discussing grammar, and making sure it was 100% professional.

“I know this is super nit-picky,” I said, “but Internet should have a capital ‘I,’ because it is a proper noun.  It describes a specific place.”

“Really?”  He replied.

“Yeah.  I am certain on this because it just so happened to be the topic of the grammar podcast I listened to this morning.”

Note to self: do not admit to listening to grammar podcasts.  I’m still living it down.

 Grammar Girl was just finishing up her segment yesterday when she gave a shout-out to Mr. Manners.  A had a fleeting moment of glee.  A manners podcast?  Right-on!  Now, I’m no Emily Post or anything (and as the maid-of-honor to Stephanie’s upcoming wedding she can certainly attest to this) but I am all about etiquette.  I think somewhere it falls in line with that whole Catholic/drum corps/gets excited about APA style books/wants to be a nun/librarian-in-training thing.  I like knowing that there is a proper way of doing things and as much as I don’t like being told what to do, I sure do like knowing that someone else has things in control. 

Mr. Manners and I–we’re going to be good friends. 



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2 responses to “He’s got great manners and stops talking at your request

  1. randomrumination

    There is no shame in grammatical correctness, not that I’m grammatically correct often…but this language needs some semblance of order.

  2. Etiquette notes for #9:

    Shoes need not be removed upon entry (though this will change as construction slows)

    All cold beverages placed on the hardwood floors must have an intervening coaster or authorized coaster substitute

    Seating arrangements are freestyle, and style points are awarded (though points are deducted when ladies wearing skirts sit at chair height facing a boy at floor height)

    Hostess/host gifts are NEVER expected

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