Filling in the gaps.

I was at a conference over the weekend and between sessions stopped at the University library of the DePaul campus to ask the reference librarian to look up mass times for that day.  In short, the experience was horrendous as far as my classes have taught me and I was busy analyzing ever detail in my head when I was caught off-guard in one of those, “hey-we-never-really-talked-in-college-but-I guess-we-should-make-small-talk-now-cause-it-would-be-rude-to-ignore-each-other” moments.

“How is library school?”
“Good.”  I really don’t like this question.  It never leads anywhere.  Do you REALLY want to know or are we just having a conversation?
Awkward pause.  Everyone is looking at me.
“Well, I can tell you that I just asked the reference librarian  here a question and she was completely incompetent.  I can say that with authority because I  KNOW.”

Awkward pause.  Everyone is looking at me.  I’ve said to much.  I immediately regret my plan to try to tell you something about library school.  And.  I’m a bitch.

I am. so. awkward.



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2 responses to “Filling in the gaps.

  1. barbara trumpinski-roberts

    You talked to someone you at DePaul that you knew as an undergrad but never talked to, who was trying to make small talk, right? I am assuming it wasn’t a library conference. You don’t particularly care about this person except in the most general sense, and you said what you thought, which was insulting to a staff member from the university where this person attends. It was a socially awkward moment, and that might be a little embarrassing, but you were responding on a gut level because you care about the profession and about good reference service and about going to mass. Maybe it was not really tactful, but in the grand scheme of things…who cares (unless the person you talked to is really, really invested in the good name of the library at DePaul, in which case you may have offended hi/r but at the same time you did h/ir a favor.

    As far as the person doing reference who gave you a bad answer/inadequate answer/hard time…shame on h/ir.

    I hope you don’t feel bad for long. You didn’t do anything wrong.

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