10K Video

This video fails to convey my utter frustration with the race’s conclusion. But to be serious, it is probably better that way.



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3 responses to “10K Video

  1. This video made my month.

  2. Kate, your video is hilarious and sad with a twisted moral. I loved it.

    p.s. I’m sorry that you’re slow and that you got gypped out of pancakes.

  3. transubstantial

    so I JUST got to watch this video and can I just say how pissed off it made me! this is my reaction: “what!?!? they RAN OUT of pancakes? who does that? what poor event planning! I can not BELIEVE my friends didn’t get pancakes. grrrrr stupid parks department…….hmmm pancakes sound good I should make pancakes for dinner.”

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