The sweetest lunch.

It was the first warm day of the year.  Gym class.  Junior year.  Not a good combination.  Everyone was antsy.  It was so rough to be in school when it was so beautiful outside.  I’d become close with two other girls in the course as a result of lack of athletic ability.

“We should go out for lunch today.”  “We could get some fast-food or something.  There is that door in the back of the locker room that leads to the parking lot.”

Another chicken basket day  seemed nothing in comparison to a soft-serve cone to compliment a bit of hooky.  I was in.  I was a bad girl too, dammit!

After changing out of our uniforms we slipped out the back door of the girls’ locker room and made our way to the car.  We promptly drove across the street to the local ice cream joint.  It faced the opposite way so we were hidden from view of the high school.  And in the spring air the food tasted oh soo good.

Of course, that was also the day the dean also decided it was the right temperature for ice cream.

“I’ve got some detentions for you in my office when you’re finished with your lunch.”


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  1. phampants

    hahaha! and here I am being the bad guy catching kids using their cell phones in the bathroom or checking myspace during school.

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