reverse psychology?

I’ve been told by my landlord that I’m not allowed to talk to the neighbors to the west because they “have a long history with him” and “are trashy” and “no one in the neighborhood likes them.”

But let’s be frank (or Johnny, or Billy–yes, actually, let’s be Billy because the neighbor’s name is Billy.  I know this because I talked to him) the fact that I’m NOT supposed to talk to them makes me want to talk to them even more.  The few times that we’ve conversed they have been very cordial, asking how my day was and remembering my name.  Being that our interactions are so pleasant I’m dying to know why I’m “not allowed” to talk to them.  Sandy has caught me spying out the blinds on numerous occasions.  But from my perspective I like them.  They play catch in the alley, cut their bushes on a regular basis, always greet me, and sit around a fire and sing on nice nights.

I’ll do my best to keep you updated.



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3 responses to “reverse psychology?

  1. barbara

    you are a big girl and your landlord is not acting in loco parentis. So, I think you should talk to them just because of that.

    Definitely, keep us posted.

  2. transubstantial

    if it were me I’d probably invite them over for a potluck. because I’m such a rebel!

  3. Mom

    At the potluck, make sure they wear their shoes as they tromp loudly up the stairs.

    You! Are such a rebel!

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