If you eat it fast you can trick your body into thinking there are less calories involved

Knowing that I needed to pick up a few things for dinner, I tried to do the urban-girl thing and head to Whole Foods after getting off the train.  I don’t go there on a regular basis because, as much as I love it, I simply cannot afford it.  Plus, although everything might be organic, it certainly doesn’t have the low-fat selection I’m used to.

I was just about to leave when I rounded the corner of the bakery.  They had a sample of some sort of pumpkin spice bread out that I kind of pushed someone out of the way for.

While enjoying this I spotted crushed up scones that were also for the taking sampling.  Not one to pass up free food, I figured a bit of scone would do me (and Whole Foods for that matter!) a bit of good.  As I was attempting to push my cart and chow down on…I don’t even know, but it was delicious, when I saw the angel food cake.  I flipped out a little.  And then I picked up the biggest peace.  I had a hard time deciding which thing to finish first.  I simply could not put them down, but I also realized that–O MY STARS ARE THOSE CARAMEL APPLES?!?!?!?! Pardon the interruption, I just got a little distracted.  On my way over to the caramel apple deliciousness I finished the scone.  Thank goodness, cause otherwise I would have looked like a total pig with THREE samples in my hands.  I surely hope no one was watching me.

I bought 2 tomatoes and a bag of chips.



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3 responses to “If you eat it fast you can trick your body into thinking there are less calories involved

  1. phampants

    ahahahaha! i love you katharine

  2. transubstantial

    sounds like a perfect dinner to me!

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