Top Five Concerts of All Time, no. 1

Dave had discovered that Death Cab for Cutie was coming to a venue in Brussels, which was only about a 30 minute train-ride from our door. He suggested the grand idea of taking me for my birthday. Everyone sat around on this thought for a while until about 1 week and a half before the show I ordered the tickets. And paid my own way.

Finding the place was a bit stressful, but after tapas and fine fine brew we made our way to the pre-show line. When the doors opened the fans filed in recklessly and pushed for a spot on the stage. I pushed, politely of course, and found my way a bit to stage left in the second row. The group I was with tried to make ourselves look large so as to keep as much space as possible in our area for the purposes of dancing and general comfort.

When Death Cab came out…oh man. Ben stood RIGHT in front of me. And life was good. And I be-bopped to his tunes and felt emo for a little while. And I missed Karen and America and needed it all to be so much closer. But she was there. And so was Chris and Kayla and Ashlee. The were in the music, which surrounded me and made all the sadness go away.

But being in Belgium with one of my favorite bands from home–that was pretty sweet too.


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