Back to School!

I am not used to there being so many kids around.  College campuses just aren’t like this.  And being that I’m usually jogging, on my way to mass, or heading off to work at the same time school starts I am always running into kids.  Everywhere.

And not that that is a bad thing.  Just different.  I am also not used to so many different schools in the same area.  For me, it was one school.  Everyone in the area went through the same school district (with the exception of high school, but those that didn’t follow the rest of the junior high class were certainly an exception).  Now I have about 5 schools within a 15 minute walk, which means that most of the kids are walking too.  Brett Bretterson and I were on our way to campus early this week when I approached an intersection.  The crossing-guard stopped traffic for me.  I guess that is her job.  Or maybe she just mistook me for a 7-year-old.

I will admit that the first day I saw a gang of little girls in plaid skirts I got a little nervous.  Why are you all wearing unfashionable attire?!  Together??!  It took me a moment to realize what was going on.  OBVIOUSLY I went to public school.



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4 responses to “Back to School!

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  2. phampants

    w00t! Go Catholic Schools!

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