If I knew where you lived I’d send you a bouquet of freshly-sharpened pencils

School is in full swing and as of next week I’ll be working 2 days a week in the library and 2 days downtown.  Finally…a real schedule.  I need that.  It will be helpful in budgeting time, money, and figuring out life’s groove.

Sandy has been fully immersed into her daily grind.  Most days we are awake at the same time and eat breakfast while fixing our lunches in the kitchen together.  We try to wait for each other for dinner–not that we’re eating the same meals, just eating at the same time.  Our bathroom floor is white, which is a pain, because hair (mostly mine) is screaming infidelities and we take turns getting annoyed enough to clean it up.  At night we sit in the living room studying–she often tells me about the dead body she cut open that day, and I tell her about organizing books.  I like the routine.  I like having some one there to rely on and discuss my day with.  I find such great comfort in it.

Today I’m hiding in a cafe within walking distance of our place.  She’s downtown with her boyfriend, and although I was invited, the thought of sight-seeing turned my stomach.  I think I still am a little overwhelmed with all the traveling I did in Europe (more than a year later).  Not that I’m complaining.


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  1. randomrumination

    I applaud you on your use of music references, and an unexpected dashboard quote

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