Top Five Concerts of All Time, no. 3

I loved the proximity of my dorm to the quad.  I loved the proximity of my dorm to Death Cab for Cutie, who was playing at Follinger Auditorium, literally only a few hundred yards from my door.

I attended the concert with my friend Chris, who often acts (without his own knowledge) as my own personal music aficionado.  The two of us sat in the upper balcony, which was a great seat.  Anywhere was, really.  Not a bad view in that place (except when it houses your afternoon lecture…or worse, the College of Communication’s graduation ceremony).  During the show’s finale the audience was asked to stand on their chairs.  Because sitting was too rigid.  And standing on the floor had been done.  This was a challenge, as the chairs, whose seats propel up without one’s weight to hold them down, have springy cushions, that make staying level difficult.  But it was worth it.  And its memory brings a smile to my face.  There is nothing like jamming when the surface upon which you stand becomes a springy cushion.   I remember looking to my left and seeing Karen and Kayla, a few sections away with equally large smiles.

After the show Chris taught me how to be a super-fan by standing at the correct door with a great degree of patience for the band to emerge en route to their bus.  And emerge they did.  Meeting them was great, not that they’d ever remember the curly-haired girl from Champaign, Illinois–but what was better was watching Chris’s reaction.  There was this man, who so often is nothing but level-headed to me, who writes extensive and intellectual music reviews on his blog, who was completely 100% giddy.  Chris even brought along his special disposable camera that had nothing but pictures of him with random bands on it.   (Sidenote: he JUST got it developed last week…only a bit past its expiration date)



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4 responses to “Top Five Concerts of All Time, no. 3

  1. phampants

    gosh, that was the concert that i wish i went to but i was not allowed to go. 😦 i’m glad someone had a great time.

  2. transubstantial

    I remember texting you before the concert started “hey where are you sitting?!?!” “balcony” “what? us too! we’re in the front left where are you?” (kayla and I scanning the crowd for someone texting) “in the middle a few rows back” then waving excitedly.

    I also remember how no one was dancing (because everyone was too cool). but kayla and I were not cool and danced the whole time.

  3. Wow, if Death Cab was #3, I can hardly wait to hear about #1!

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