Top Five Concerts of All Time, no. 4

We all knew it was a bad idea.  But somehow that didn’t stop us.

I’d gotten an email about a pre-sale for Barenaked Ladies tickets that I promptly forwarded to my mom–as we deeply shared in the love of BNL.  The concert was in Milwaukee (acutally pronounced Mil-he-wah-kay) on a Tuesday night.  I was in Champaign.  Mom and Dad were somewhere in the middle.  Before we could think of the logistics I’d bought three tickets to a venue with standing room only.

Being a freshmen on campus, I had no mode of transportation to bring me closer to the concert.  Mom drove the hour-and-a-half to pick me up promptly after my afternoon class.  We drove north, stopping by home to pick up dad after his workday.  Within hours we were in sight of the venue and oh-so-close to seeing “our best friends.” (A term my dad time and again rolls his eyes at).

After the opening band and a few songs by the lovely Ed and Steven, I had to get closer.  I left my parents to try to inch my way toward the stage.  And being that it was only me the task was quite simple.  “Have you seen my love?” They sang.  Yes!  I am right here!  It is I–the girl whose body cannot help but jam uncontrollably to your irresistible beats.  For the majority of the “Everything to Everyone” tour I stood there, right in front of Steven Page, so close that had he reached out his hand he could have pulled me on stage.  I’m convinced that he saw me dancing there and wondered to himself who that enchantingly awkward girl is that knows all the lyrics and beats to his songs.

It was.  A great. Concert.  Dad, mom and I drove home in agreement.  And I had a lab at 9am the next morning that mom drove me to as soon as the sun made an appearance.  It was above and beyond what a parent is expected to do.  But it was worth it.  If nothing else, for Steven.



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3 responses to “Top Five Concerts of All Time, no. 4

  1. maschinenbau

    totally diggin’ the Wayne’s World reference. . .

  2. Mom

    “‘Member that time, Kate? Yea, I do, too. ” 🙂

  3. Im glad someone decided to write about this. I am compiling a list of establishments in Milwaukee that actually care about people. If you would like to add to the list, please do.

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