Top Five Concerts of All Time, no. 5

I lived in New York. Ben Folds was coming to Brooklyn. None of my friends wanted to shell out the money for the ticket, but I would not let solitude keep me from seeing the Ben-Rufus show.

I went by myself. And it was one of the greatest decisions I have ever made. I took the subway to Prospect Park and got in line with all the other early attendees. People carried blankets and backpacks full of food. I carried my thoughts and my book. When the doors opened people scampered for the best view of the stage. Being I was alone, I was able to squeeze in between two blankets up against a fence with a perfect view of the piano. To my right was a young couple with their two kids, and to my left were a few die-hard fans. When Rufus came on stage I was able to stand and rock out to his songs without worrying what people around me thought. I didn’t have to defend my space. The night was beautiful. And I was there to enjoy every good thing.

Listening to “Not the Same” still makes me want to fly away. The crowd sang along with Ben Folds, as they always do, with this incredible harmony that only comes from a mass of people who have heard the CD a thousand times over.



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3 responses to “Top Five Concerts of All Time, no. 5

  1. transubstantial

    I saw that tour in Columbus. it was pretty much awesome.

    I too loved the fact that when Ben Folds asked us to sing, we sang and we sang it well.

  2. maschinenbau

    Ben Folds is also on my list of greatest concerts. Its not hard for me, as I’ve only been to a few. Pretty much him, Weezer (opened for by Dashboard Confessional, before they were popular), and, because my life is strange, Korn.

    Ben Folds was in Foellinger hall. I had to walk less than 2 minutes from my bedroom to the front door. It was a very good show. And don’t forget to give me back my black t-shirt.

  3. Ashlee

    My #5.

    May 6, 2007 — Brad Paisley at Assembly Hall.
    I had just started listening to country music again this spring–I needed a break from “my” music because as you very well know and understand, it constantly reminds me of someone or some memory and it became too overwhelming…I was already fighting off the depression from the whole bum leg thing, I didn’t need to add on to it.

    So my friend Alicia says her parents bought two tickets to Mr. Brad Paisley, possibly the best looking man in a cowboy hat EVER, and asked me to go. I didn’t really wanna go….but I needed some time away from the WhiteKastle and its inhabitants so I went. And fell in love. There is something about country-style love songs that just make you feel something…like hope. It makes you believe that there is someone out there who will feel that way about you someday. The song “She’s Everything” sent shivers down my spine. We sat side by side all night, barely speaking…not even dancing; just taking Brad in. It was cathartic. It was like coming home. It was safe.

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