knot good

My back is killing me.  I’ve been too stubborn to ask anyone for a massage–something I’ve desperately needed for weeks.  It’s my own fault.   Sitting up straight at my new job combined with running has left me in knots.  And now that I’m ready to ask for help, the reality of living alone has set in.  When I leave the office no one will be at home to care for me–even if I were to ask for it.

Sandy, I miss you.  Come live with me.



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3 responses to “knot good

  1. actually this is one of those times I would A) ask for a better chair and B) pay a professional masseuse.

    The reason being that if you are in pain your job quality suffers, and if your quality suffers….

  2. Mom

    If I leave now I can be there in 40 minutes!

  3. Ashlee

    Miss you.

    I dread this Tuesday around 1130 because thats when we should be having coffee and telling each other the awkward tales of our lives.

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