He Runs!

Welp.  I made it.  2:24:22 official time.

What a rush.  Who ever thought that I would run?

Spent the evening with fellow runners (of Team Monocle) eating pasta and going to bed early.  There was rain at 4:20 when we woke up…make me awfully nervous, but it cleared up by the time we left.

Kristin and I checked our bags and went to our starting point just as the race began, which gave us no time to be nervous.  Five miles in I left her to use the McCormick Place bathroom, which was probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, seeing how there were few porta-potties to be found along the way.  (And by few, I mean 3 for 12,000 runners).  I didn’t walk except to drink water and I sprinted through the finish line.  2 Rosaries and 2 Divine Mercy chaplets later I made stopped running.

Why do I run?  Because I can, really.  No better answer.  I love the solitude.  I love that I did it.  I love that I never thought such a thing was possible.

By the way.  This week has been INTENSE.  No wonder I’m so tired.
I moved.
I registered for classes.
Witnessed the wedding of one of my dearest friends.
Had a photo shoot for a national publication.
Bought grand things at IKEA.
Got a new job.
Ran 13.1 miles.
Rocked so hard it hurt.


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  1. transubstantial

    woo! congratulations! I prayed for you! (I mean, I do pray for you but I prayed specifically for running you last weekend)

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