Moved in. Whats with all these boxes?

Greetings from my new humble abode.

I moved in on Friday with the help of family and friends, followed by an air-conditioned feast of BBQ in Westmont.  I was worried about space issues, but things have been going pretty well thus far and aside from all the boxes that are yet to be unpacked, I am confident that things will be okay.  Sandy dropped off her stuff Sunday (she won’t actually be here for a few weeks) and there was an unsuccessful venture involving a couch, an angry landlord, and (thankfully) my absence.  So, we’re still couch-less, which is sad considering the one that made its way up here was free.  It was just a few inches too long.  Damn.  I’ve put the air-matress and some pillows on the living room floor that is doing the trick for now.  But I am still in desperate need of counter space in the kitchen, so if you’ve got some please pass it along.

Ran 10 miles yesterday–the longest before Sunday’s race.   Whew.  Its not the heat so much as the humidity.  Luckily I was done by 9.30 am and was able to pass out for a few hours afterward.  Life. Is. Good.  Aside from my t-shirt being 100% soaked and my shorts nearly giving way (come on shorts, you can make it another week) the run was really really good and I am very much looking forward to accomplishing 13.1 in only a few days.  Who ever thought that I would write run?

Going to Grant Park for a movie under the stars tonight.  I have no idea what is playing.  And it isn’t important.


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One response to “Moved in. Whats with all these boxes?

  1. Sounds like the city is treating you well. Have you found a church/parish yet?

    You are missing pizza on Friday, but I’m sure you won’t miss it much. 😉

    Our other Katherine (with an “e”) is back at work starting today, but she is still taking it VERY easy.

    Have fun….

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