we should have fondue more often, you look great eating it!

Went to The Melting Pot in Madison at the suggestion of a friend for fondue with Stephanie and Karen. The three of us are here on a mini-vacation and using the weekend to get away from wedding planning, work, and the knowledge that soon our lives will be shifted to even greater degrees as we continue to grow up.

Fondue was a great idea. Five courses and three hours later we left the restaurant at a 7 on the “stuffed scale”–which starts at full (1) and peaks at food-crawl (10). We had a coupon that allowed us to get a second dessert for free. Indeed, one dessert probably would have sufficed, but when there is opportunity for another it seems worth the fat pants the next day. Our waiter, who was probably happy to have someone other than couples to serve was “impressed at our ability to eat both of the chocolate fondues” (one turtle, one Bailey’s) and by impressed we’re sure he meant disgusted.

We made a lot of good decisions.



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2 responses to “we should have fondue more often, you look great eating it!

  1. transubstantial

    my mom apparently went to a melting pot in kansas city once! she obviously was not as excited about it as we were, as she didn’t come home and rave about it (but they didn’t have even one dessert, much less two so there you go).

  2. Mom

    I think Karen’s comment proves the importance of, no the necessity of, at least one dessert, with two being the infinitely more preferable. I am sure your Mom would not make that mistake again.

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