who we are at heart

As we sat there over pancakes she asked–competely out of nowhere–“What makes you feel most alive?  What makes you feel the most you?”

A bit frightened at the sincerity of her question I struggled for an answer.  But then it came to me.  It is something I’d thought about a hundred times over.

“I feel most alive when I sit alone in a coffee shop.  Me and my book.  My journal.  My letters.  I write and I read and I pour my heart out, only in thought and written word, and I feel so intellectual and content.” 

She explained that she feels most alive talking to people. Having heart-felt discussions about the faith.  Listening and learning.  Sharing and growing.  “The other day I met with someone for the first time and when I drove home I’m sure that people thought I was crazy.  I had the biggest smile on my face and it wouldn’t go away for the world.”

“Well,” I responded, “it is a good thing you’re going to be a missionary.”

“It is a good thing you’re going to be a librarian.”


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