living in 3 places at once.

Just got back from the Chicago-land area.  I had intended to to take a train up Tuesday, stay with Liz, have a few interviews, and make my way back Wednesday night.

But then my new school called and requested an interview for an assistantship I’d applied for.  Interview on Friday.  I ended up staying from Tuesday night through Friday.  Thank goodness I have a job that will allow for such (thanks Barb!)

Liz and I made our way from Pilsen to the loop on Wednesday morning.  My first meeting was with the head librarian of a place I’m really interested in.  Although they don’t have any employment, I was really interested in the collection and his job so I went by to chat.  He was very helpful.  Made my way over to my second meeting–an interview for a grant for school.  It was a panel of six people, which, could have been nerve-wracking, but I rattled off answers as fast as they could throw the questions at me.   When I left I called my mom to tell her I “rocked the house” and even if I don’t get it, I was so impressed with my mad skillz as a result of all the prepartion I’d done for the interview.

Liz and I had a wonderful lunch on Printer’s Row, walked back to Pilsen, ran a few miles around the neighborhood, made dinner, and watched a movie in eachother’s company.  It was so needed.

Spent the evening with Ashley and Ruth last night, after a long day of reviewing for Friday’s interview.  The food and company were also wonderful.  And the interview went well–although I kept wondering why they didn’t ask me more questions.  Are you sure you don’t want me to tell you why I think academic librarianship is important?  Don’t you want to hear about the problems facing libraries?  No, really, I REALLY do want to explain why I’d be an asset to your team.

Spent the lunch-hour with my dear friend Tracy, who gave me the grand tour of my soon-to-be neighboorhood.

I’m exhausted.  But it was quite productive.


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