I love you, Love New York

I try not to watch TV much, but after my long run this morning I convinced myself that some non-book veg time might be of benefit. I made my eggs and turned on the television to find it tuned into HBO showing my all-time favorite movie, You’ve Got Mail.

And the world was right again.

A week ago today I was in New York. ((sigh)) In an attempt to kill time before my flight out, Melanie drove me from our worksite in Upstate to the Bronx, where I had every intention of making my way into Manhattan’s upperwest side and remaining aloof at a table in Cafe Lalo. By the time I was dropped off there simply weren’t enough hours for my grand scheme and I made my way straight to the airport. I took the 5 toward downtown and made a last minute decision to hop off at 125th to catch the M60 to Laguardia. The jaunt placed me back in Manhattan for a few short minutes and I instantly felt the rush of the city. I could hear her breathing again and the smoggy air filled my lungs with a deep sense of refreshment.

And the world was right again.

I just wanted to say that all these nothings have meant more to me than so many somethings. So. Thanks.

Kathleen Kelly




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2 responses to “I love you, Love New York

  1. transubstantial

    so I started reading this book, Through the Children’s Gate: A home in New York. It made me think of you, as the first chapter is about the author and how he has this yearning to live and be at home in New York. so far it’s pretty good.

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