move’n on up, to the (west)side

Sandy and I decided to put a security deposit on a place we looked at.  We’d been excited about it after the showing, but tried to play it cool.  “We’ll think about it and pray about it.  If it’s supposed to be ours it will be there when we’re ready.  I don’t think we should freak out now and try to nab it.”  A few days later the landlord emailed me to ask if we were still interested, as he thought we’d make good tenants.  This was also the day I discovered that St. Joseph is the patron saint of finding a home.  That man is always watching out for me.  I took it as a sign.  (although, I surely do not believe in signs…)  Aside from some minor things, the place is everything we were looking for.  A bit farther from the city than I would have liked, but for the cost and the amenities its so very worth it.

I was on the phone with the landlord going over some questions we had when another 708 number was ringing through.  I got really excited at the thought of one of the places I applied was trying to contact me.  ((Could it be all to perfect?!))  Turns out it was just my new university confirming that, no, they do not in fact offer discounts on the CTA.  Damn.  There goes another $75 a month.

I’d really love a job in the loop.  It is asking a lot, I know, but I miss the feel of the city.  Last weekend when we changed trains at the Washington stop it made me long for New York in a way I haven’t felt in a while.  Could I make this my New York?  Could I be a bike-riding Farmer’s-market Thomas-O’Brien suburb girl who has a hip job worth waking up for?

I hope it all works out.  How strange life is turning out to be.  Strange but good.  At one point I thought I was moving across the country and now I find myself 4 miles from Ashley, 11 miles from Liz (for a bit), 8 miles from Jake, 13 miles from AAron (and soon Stephanie), and 43 miles from my physical home.  Not that I’ve checked.

Ashlee, you understand.



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4 responses to “move’n on up, to the (west)side

  1. Jen Hannah

    I LOVE the new website!!! Where are you living? Where are you going to school? It’s been so long that I’ve been out of the loop! If you live in/near the city, I must come visit and we should go to lunch and you should meet Matthew! Love you! God bless! 🙂

  2. phampants

    hey are you in the city now?

  3. ashlee

    I do. I really do.

    Today was hard. The wedding.

    I wish this was easy as just telling myself to get over it, and then doing so. But when my parents share the adoration as well as friends, its hard.

    You understand. I miss you.

  4. transubstantial

    I can’t wait to see your new apartment! I’m sure it’ll be perfect.

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