You ought to give Iowa a try

Sandy and I had a successfully unsuccessful day looking for apartments in the city. We didn’t find “the one” but we learned a lot about what it means to look for in a place, as well as the area. We also learned a lot about the needs of each other. I think we went into at least 6 apartments–some of which were on the fly because we just happened to be walking by and saw the FOR RENT sign. Still looking into Oak Park, but Little Italy also sparked our interest. “Do you like one area over the other?” Sandy asked me. “I just want to find the right place,” I told her. That’s looking at cost, location, proximity to the L, heat, parking, sunlight, safety, surrounding stores, and neighborhoods. So, although we certainly didn’t sign on anything, I feel like we have some focus. Is there a patron saint for finding a home?

After sleeping at Liz and Julius’s place without air, exploring the city in the sun, and driving home (also without air) I was rather uncomfortable when I found that the air in the house is also out. It made sleeping a chore and didn’t help my recent habit of waking up numerous times in the middle of the night for no apparent reason. But I’m not complaining. Sometimes it’s good to feel something other than comfort.

Barenaked Ladies concert tomorrow night on the Lakefront. I’m really looking forward to seeing my old friends again. Yes, I call them my friends because we’ve been through a lot together and I’m convinced that they truly know and understand me. There some bands that speak to me in such a way–as if you can always come back to them if you’re feeling down and they’ll be there to console you and make it right again. Ben Folds. Death Cab. Sufjan Stevens. Matchbox20. Iron and Wine. Postal Service.

Went to mass today in town. Not at my usual church. I feel like whenever I come home the homily is just awful, no matter where I go. I don’t mean to, but I pick it apart and find the things that are wrong/unorthodox. I think that most people wouldn’t know any differently, but what do you do when you are pretty sure the message is intended to be a good one, but actually opposes the Church’s teachings? “uh, hi, i am not a priest or anything. in fact, i’m only 22 but i’m pretty sure that you are wrong. what you just said to your entire congregation was not so good.” Esh.

Back to campus on Tuesday, then off to Connecticut on Saturday!



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3 responses to “You ought to give Iowa a try

  1. Oh, how I miss Matchbox Twenty. I’m pretty sure they wrote the lyrics of my life. I wish Rob Thomas would forget about his solo career and just reunite with MB20 already. Geesh. 😀

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