desperate housewives support organized crime

Karen invited me to a Purse Party that we joyfully attended this week. I’d heard about these events from my aunt, who’d come home with an adorable pink Kate Spade a few weeks ago. I also was interested in meeting Karen’s coworkers, who were said to be frequenters of such parties.

The day of the party I was informed by a friend that “purse parties promote terrorism.” Meaning, the knock-offs took away from our economy and gave funding to “terrorist economies.” I laughed at this statement until these stories were presented to me. Still laughing about it slightly (I mean really you can’t tell me that a woman buying a Prada bag is helping the economy that much.), I joked with my friend that I was just going for the food. To which she responded: “There would be no food if it weren’t for the event.” Damn. Got me there.

The drive over there I was mentally preparing for the usual Mary Kay/jewelry/tupperware/Pampered Chef party were you sit around and talk while the party-lady shows you things. There are a few games involved and at the end you’re stuffed with finger foods and wine which, somehow, makes ordering from a catalog seem like a GREAT idea.

We arrive at the house and living room is COVERED in purses. I look around the corner into another room and its the same scene. Fendi, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Coach, Kate Spade, Brighton. Eek! I feared putting my own (knock-off) purse down for someone might try to buy it! When I asked “how this whole thing worked” we were told to find one. Its THAT easy. It was a mad-house! The women were too busy rummaging through purses to socialize–after all that mental prep I was ready to play stupid games! This was no party at all!

I tried too find something I liked but all I could think was, these are terrorist purses! After the first room I was so overwhelmed I had to go eat. I took a meatball break in the kitchen. It appeared to be the only location NOT covered in fake purses. Even with other women milling around there was still no interaction. On to the next room! There is Coach back there!

I ended up leaving empty-handed, which was for the best. The experience was overwhelming as well and down-right strange. I mean, I was in no mindset to promote terrorism, plus, even if I had wanted to, the KNOCK-OFFS were still about $40! It was $40 I could not spare on a “name-brand.” I mean, some of the bags were cute, but there is just no way I could pass carrying a Chanel bag. I’m just not THAT classy. “Hey, how can you afford that bag?” “Oh, no worries, I bought it for only $39.95 and my purchase supports terrorism!”

To read more about organized crime, hit Karen up (but don’t steal her new wristlet).


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