Porches I Have Known.


I submit to you the following, which happen to be some of my favorite homes in the area.
img_2343.jpg img_2344.jpg


img_2342.jpg img_2340.jpg





I love these porches because I can tell the owners truly appreciate their out-of-doors space:





This first one is a porch that its owner has yet to unlock.
The second is a more modest house then the rest. I think I’ve developed an affinity for it because I pass it 2-4 times per day. It really doesn’t have much character, but I think that is why I like it. I feel like it could be made into my own. Nothing grandeur. Just simple and mine.


img_2345.jpg img_2337.jpg


And THIS is a DISASTER. I have NO idea whose idea it was to put college students in cages.



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3 responses to “Porches I Have Known.

  1. transubstantial

    hey that one’s mine! I use my balcony more for the sitting outside. I feel like you really need more than one person to make our spot homey.

    It’s a good list. thanks for sharing.

  2. phampants

    alas, you forgot to take a picture of the best porch of all…Fever House!

  3. ashlee

    i love you.

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