We’re getting a new flatmate today.  We don’t know much about her and she arrived while the three of us were sitting on the Fever House porch.

As I left, knowing that she would soon be moving her things into the empty room, I could not help but wonder what a person would perceive of our apartment.  What judgments can one make from the belongings of the HeeHawHuis?  The common areas are kept rather orderly.  The dishes were all put away.  A turkey was cooking in a crock-pot and in the fridge among the milks (we have about 5 containers in there between the three of us, ranging from 2% to skim to organic) is fresh-brewed tea.  What does our movie collection say about us?  Would someone infer anything from the home-recorded VHS of Mystery Science Theater 3000 that sits next to a  Love Actually DVD?

If someone new, having no prior knowledge of our personalities and quirks entered this grand place, what would they take away from it?  Can we be judged by the goods we own?


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