The day the first article came out I was…devastated. I know it was just a few lines and some 500 words, but how often is it that the deep questions and thoughts of one’s heart are exposed to national media? I mean, I wanted them there. I didn’t say no. But once it was out in the open I wanted to run and hide. Sometimes I still do.

I wore bright red and black that day. It was very modest, but eye-catching. Sexy, even. I have yet to determine if this was a statement for the world, or simply for myself. A reminder to anyone who views me that I, twenty-something years old and considering forgoing the intimacy that sex allows, still. had. it. go’n on.

Hey, World. Is this what a nun should look like?

p.s. none of this helped my dateless status for Fever Formal 🙂


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