Christine and I were walking to the library one sunny morning when I spotted Lynn about 100 yards ahead of us.  She’d just gotten off the bus and was heading to her 9am class.  As she rounded a corner she picked up the pace.  Her strides lengthened to a brisk walk.  She kept her shoulders stiff and arms straight in an attempt to keep her backpack in place.  She must have been in a hurry.  No one runs with their backpack on.  That is just nerdy.

A few moments later she stopped running and resumed her original pace.

I confronted her about the spectacle later.  “Aaaww man.  You saw that?  I was hoping no one saw me.”

“Yeah, I saw it.  Do you do that a lot?”

“Yes, actually.  I just like running.  I know its really dorky, but sometimes I just feel like not walking.  I try not to do it for too long because I don’t want anyone to notice. I can’t believe you caught me.”

Cute.  Lynn likes to run.  It gets her places faster.


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