Went to McDonald’s yesterday to order an iced coffee that I been allured to through their new advertising. I stood in line and debated with myself over whether or not to buy the large. It WAS only 20 cents more–but really, did I NEED the large? I’d convinced myself to go with the normal size. But it was taking too long. The supposed “fast food” only had one register open, which had malfunctioned, and I was convinced that the drive-thru would have been faster at this point. By the time I was finally able to place my order I had gotten so frustrated that I had told myself I damn well DESERVED that large.

The drink doesn’t seem to be getting made while I stand there. The frustration continues to grow. I appear outwardly patient. The manager, who is the one supposedly making my drink, tells me he has to get more large cups. But, I see the cups right there! Those are plenty large. Just make my drink.

He comes back with LARGE cups. I am so frightened by their size that I make a noise. Jeeze! I’m talking 32 solid ounces of fast-food caffeine and cream. I almost told them just to give me the small–the large was too overwhelming–but it wasn’t worth it by that point. Simply ordering had been an ordeal.

Back in my car I cleared out the cup holder only to discover the coffee was too big to fit any where. Crap. So, like the classy lady that I am I decide to put it between my legs while I drive. It is then that I remember I’m wearing a skirt. A jean skirt. This will not work. I shake my first at the golden arches to make myself feel better.

Thank God I was driving alone, because the end result of driving + cold coffee + no cup holders + skirt was not pretty. But, I drank the whole thing and didn’t spill. An accomplishment in itself. Was it worth two dollars and sixteen cents?


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