Jonathan Larson won't leave my mind

I'm feeling particuarly nerdy (intellectual?) because I'm sitting at the library circulation desk studying for my last exam drinking earl gray tea out of my nalgene bottle. Very few people are here. I think I could count them on one hand. As I watch them walk up the granite stairs of the library I cannot help but be upset becuase it is they who are keeping us open. On the other hand, I too am suffering through the fact that someone thought Saturday night finals were a good idea. So I have compassion, for I also require a place to study.

My friends have needed me a lot this week. Its nice to feel needed. Although I rarely have anything insightful to say, I sincerely hope that my presence, or at least the sound of my voice on the other end of the phone was helpful. I wish I could send hugs to Florida, and I wish I could make finals go away, and I wish I could make boys stop making you cry, and I wish you all the best in your new relationship. I also wish December 21st were here sooner than later. I have so much to tell you.

I will move out of Newman tomorrow. It is bitter sweet. I cannot wait to get out of the dorms–all the people, the fried food, never ever ever having a minute alone. But I will miss these things as well. I know that in my apartment next year I will wish someone would interrupt me while studying just to give me a hug. I will wish I didn't have to make my own food, I will wish I could run to the chapel at 3 in the morning in my socks and pjs. I will miss being able to take a nap in my own bed between classes. And I'll miss all the hugs and conversation over breakfast. I guess I'm just all growns up cause I'm all growns up.

I'm going to the graduation mass tonight, then finding a quick dinner before I go write about media corruption for 3 hours. The conclusion of this semester will be celebrated with a movie, pizza, beverages, and wonderful company. I look forward to it.


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