I'll take you to the vet

Yesterday was a wonderful day.

I met my new friend Tracy for tea and coffee.  It was so wonderful.  I am so saddened by the fact that we've only met and she will not be here in the fall when I return.  Its been a while since I've had such intellectual, yet dorkily fun conversations about art, music, thrift stores, and media corruption.  It made me miss Liz.

I then worked for about 6 hours on my Therese Bonney paper.  I am so in love with the topic that I have a hard time remembering to stop reading and actually write.  But I did finish 5 of 8 pages–the hardest part of the paper.  The topic is so interesting to me because its the woman's photographs who I worked with over the summer so I am really fimilar with her work.  Plus, very few people know about her, so I can honestly say I'm like one of 5 people in the world to have done any serious research on her–which I think is totally cool.

I then went to mass and was able to break out my purple wool skirt.  The dinner plans were to go to Chris's apartment for lagasna, but when I got downstairs all my friends were surrounding a cake for a surpise “Birthday/ Going Away” party.  Alright, so my birthday isn't until March, but none of my U of I friends will be there to celebrate.  They even sang me Happy (early) Birthday and made me a book with entries about their favorite past and future memories of me.  It was totally cute.  🙂  I nearly cried.  I love surprises–and its not often people pull them off well for me.  

Sandy, Sara and I then went to Chris's for dinner and laughter.  I am seriously going to miss I Eta Pi.  Especailly because Chris won't be here next year.  But the dinner was glorious and the company even better.  But the best was the apple crisp.

Sandy and I then went to the Christmas Choral Concert.  It was beautiful, but can I just say how happy I am to no longer be in any sort of choir.  I think high school tainted me.  I know that everything would be different with a different director, but I can honestly say I was getting a little apprehensive just listening, and it had nothing to do with the music.

Finally, the day ended with adventures in immaturity.  Matt and I took a midnight walk and played a bit in the snow.  We then trekked to Urbana to the the gnome house that Tracy spoke so highly of.  It was worth it.  In light of Samanatha, Matt and I have have created the following to offer to the engineering students of the University of Illinois:

That last one is already there–we just took the picture for shits and giggles.  Just kidding!  Ok, but seriously, isn't that a weird thing to have painted on campus property?  Cracks me up. 

Anyhow, its finals week.  I wish there was more time for knitting.



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