Drum Corps Survey

When did/do you march?

Blue Stars 2003
What was/is your role?
Bass 3.  Keep sanity.
What were/are your tour jobs?
Rookie Job was “Air Freshener Girl”–I didn't realize until later that
someone was watching out for me all of tour.  I got off easy.
What was/is your favorite tour food?
Mac and Cheese.  It was horrible, I know, but I still loved it.
What was/is your LEAST favorite tour food?
What was/is your favorite bus food?
Anything that kept me awake between the rehearsal and show sight.
What was/is your favorite housing site?
one college outside of Milwaulkee. we got to stay in dorms, and it's
always around 4th of july so we get to see lots of fireworks.  –I stole this from Jon.  Only because its true.
What was/is your least favorite housing site?
The ice areana.
Showers: Scalding hot or Ice cold?
Cold taught me to shower fast.  But it also made a bad day worse.
Rehearsal: Texas, at 104 degrees, or Michigan, with 104 mosquitos?
Line fields, or Load busses?
Esch.  Tough call.  I'll keep ramp crew.
Bob Barker: Dead or Alive?
My hero.
Favorite staff quote(s)?
Bloody Hell.  (guess who!?)
What are some of your worst memories?
Changing the drill in the middle of the night in the ice arena to
something that seemed impossible.  Then I had to do it with a drum
What are some of your best memories?
Gossiping about last night's bus events in circle strech.
What are some funny tour stories?
Where do I begin. 
Amazing People You've Met Along The Way
Megan Polcher, Ponch, Allison, Tasia, Justin, Ryan, Jake, Anthony, Jen, Dani 🙂
The most valuable thing you learned.
Pain is in the mind.  The body can always keep going.


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