Smells like Grandmas

As the semester comes to a close I find myself slowly running out of essential things–shampoo, conditioner, face wash, hair gel, underwear.  Yet, I'm too stubborn and too lazy to buy more or to do laundy.  I mean, why would I, I'm leaving in 10 days never to return.  I'm going to have to get creative and strech 6 days of stuff an extra 4 days. 

Now that I have a bit of time to breathe between huge things to accomplish in the next few days I thought I'd take a chance to share with you some classic U of I moments.

Bingo at Legends:

On Sunday nights you'll find me at Legends tearing up the place with my amazing bingo skills.  I've gotten to be an expert with the help of Jamie and our  lucky hearwear.  I think the Cherios as markers play a large roll in our winning streak too.  A shout out to Jim and Jamie and Tyler the caller–its been a great season. 

Secondly, Newman is really nice to us students come holiday time and hosts a semi-formal dinner for all the residents.  Its always something to look forward to because we're convinced that putting the food on dishes rather than plastic trays somehow does great things to the taste of the food (with the exception of the cheese sandwiches).  This year proved to be extra special with the addition of an ice sculpture.

Did I say special?  I meant weird.  Thats a cornicopia by the way–NOT a shrimp. The whole get-up looked reeaaal nice next to the kool-aid fountain.   If you're anything like me you're thinking, wtf?!  They up my room and board an extra hundred for this?!  Why didn't they take this money to fix Matt's shower or provide us with some better mac and cheese?

I knew we're high class here at Newman, but the whole thing seemed a little stange to me.  Can someone explain?

On another note, I got an email today from a long lost friend.  I'm not even sure how he found me.  But when I read that I'd gotten something from Jacob Sawyer I was extreemly confused.  Somes know him better as Ponch.  Apparently he's still alive! 


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