Kate, I can't take you to the dance tonight. Home Alone 2 is on, and its kinna my favorite movie.

So, Fever Formal was amazing.  I'm not going to lie. 
Sandy and Christine came over.  I did Christine's hair and they practiced posture.  Sandy won, as usual. 
And then we were ready to go.

Here's the part where I show up at the formal, arm in arm with my date,
and I take the same picture over and over again but with different
people: (see if you can find yours)

Here's where we shake things up: (its about time I let down my hair)

And please excuse my failure to introduce Matt.  The tie is still
tight, this must have been taken early on. Long before we ripped up the
dance floor with our amazing skills.

We've all got stories.  Did I mention I'm moving out in 2 weeks?


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