Feel something constant under my feet

I don't know if you noticed or not, but there is snow outside.

Yesterday was weird. No, I take that back, this whole week is weird. I haven't really done any school work all week because I'm so wrapped up in paperwork for study abroad. I wish I could relax a little bit about it–just because I'm not accomplishing what I'd like to be accomplishing doesn't mean I'm not getting anything done.

I had to give back the scarf yesterday. I cannot stress to you how hard it was to part with it–but this is probably for the better because we need to rid ourselves of attachments, right? I went to visit Ashlee and after eating ungodly amounts of cheese and talking about Ben Folds I left it on her couch for Colleen to find later. It was a sad day.

Tomorrow is Fever Formal. I'm really looking forward to it, especially considering that Matt and I adopted Christine as our date and we're going to spend a few hours being girly before the dance (Christine, Sandy and I–not Matt). I haven't been getting enough sleep as of late, but have been able to make it through the days without naps. This is odd.

I hope you're being productive. The snow is beautiful, but cold.

Liz, if this were a real postcard, know that it would be in your mailbox tomorrow.  Perhaps this will suffice?


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