Hello my name is your TV

I'm feeling funny today. I'm not sure if it was the tea I had at breakfast, my lack of sleep, a female thing, or the new medicine I'm taking. Whatever it is something isn't quite right.

Back to the busy-ness of school. I keep telling myself it'll be over soon. I requested some “how-to knit” books from libraries and look forward to spending my “I can't ALWAYS study” time during finals to do something productive. I think I'll do this instead of getting a piercing this year. Can you take knitting needles on a plane? I always thought no, but I've seen it done. I don't want to risk it being a weapon, though.

Matthew Kelly asked, “what are your dreams?” I've been thinking about this a lot. Maybe its just because I'm at such a weird place in my life, but as far as anything concrete, I'm not sure. To be happy. How I go about finding a lifetime of happiness is where I find myself unsure. What are my dreams? I always thought I knew.


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