Thanks (a day of)

Today at mass a little girl came in with a paper bonnet. Remember how we used to dress up as pilgrims for Thanksgiving back in 2nd grade? I find it odd that something like “Thanksgiving was a feast shared by the pilgrims and Indians as a sign of peace and prosperity” can be so easily forgotten. That means little to me now. I have also forgotten many fairy tales that I once knew so well. Perhaps I'm growing up…?

On a lighter note, (and continuing my theme) I was promoted to the adult table today for the first time in my life. Chris and Dayna's absence worked to my advantage and Bridget and I claimed the spots that were rightfully ours. We realized, though, as we drank milk out of champagne flutes, that the spots will always be in flux, because as more and more people get married the less likely there will be places for us “not quite adult-types” at the table. I mean, the table is only so big–it can't get any bigger. I think we counted 20 today. If Bridget and I ever get married we're screwed, we'll never fit. We'll be drinking wine with all the little kiddies–possibly even great-grandkids by that point. Scary.

Uncle Ben said it best: “I'm thankful for God and my faith, first, but close behind is my family–everyone in this room. And for those of us who could not be with us today, we miss you.”

Here here. Amen. Cheers, fans.


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