I'm looking for baggage that goes with mine

So I went to see Rent tonight with mom, dad, and Sandy. Turns out that some old high school friends, as well as Jon were there. Strange. Anyhow, it was wonderful. And I cried. But I'm not surprised, sometimes I cry when I listen to the music alone. I reccognized a few scenes from NYC, most particularly the subway, in which they took the F train. I hated that train. We lovingly called it the F-you train because it was so irregular.

I'll be honest, the movie took me a while to warm up to, and that scene in Santa Fe really freaked me out, but all in all I would reccommend it to any avid fans. It made my night, and the cast (as if I expected anything less) was the best I'd ever seen.

And by the way, I adore black-frame glasses. Any man that wears black-frame glasses instantly wins my heart (but this does not mean he will keep it). Case and point–Anthony Rapp is perhaps one of the nerdiest guys ever, but I love him. Its all because of the glasses. Ok, and the singing, thats pretty hot too. But thats it, I swear. (oh, and the scarf…)

Tomorrow=Thanksgiving. I can't believe its Thursday already. Meh.


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