Day Off

Monday I was in the city once again.  After missing the first train, Jon (and for those of you who don't know, I met Jon in a photography class last summer) and I had the Pizza Hut lunch buffet before catching the 1:30 train.  After arriving in Chicago we had an intellectual experience at the library.  We're both thinking about being wine connoisseurs.  And, you know, the CPL is pretty much amazing.  It was a nice diversion. 

We then went to the art museum for the last hour it was open and only payed a dollar to get in!  Flipp'n sweet.  They have a really nice photography exhibit up that Greg would have hated, but I fell in love with.  We also stood cross-armed in front of the Seurat and contimplated those millions and millions of dots before we held hands and joined a chain of kids making thier way joyfully through the museum.

I then talked Jon into ice skating (and I took this picture of me to prove that we really did skate).  I have to admit, its not the same without Liz clinging to my arm, but we still had a good time, and Jon got progressivly better as we continued to skate.  Plus, neither one of us fell down.  I think it'll take him a while to match my mad skills, however. 

We toped the night off with a trip to my beloved Marshall Field's.  I tried on cocktail dresses in anticipation for Fever Formal, but luckily I didn't find any I liked because I really didn't feel like spending the money.  I wish I had a picture of Jon with the yellow dress–it totally brought out his eyes.  Lastly, we ate in the Walnut Room (sigh) I love it there before catching the train home.

Break is wonderful: I'm accomplishing things, spending lots of money at various doctors, relaxing, and eating.

Wish you were here.


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