The Ugly One!

Today the Johnsons went to the Bears game.  It was just like old times, except that we had to pick up Chris from Bolingbrook, rather than the next room.  We were out of the house by 7:30 am and in Chicago by 9 for a noon game.  Why so early, you ask?  To tailgate, of course.    I ate burgers and brats for breakfast and got to watch 45 year-old men do a beer bong.  We made friends with the people next to us and stood in line with every other Bears fan for the 3 porta-potties. 

The weather was cold, but Bearable (ha!).  We headed over to the stadium around 11am to explore for a little bit (mom and I had never been there) before we took our seats.  I'll be honest, it did kinna miss the Illini pregame show.  However, they did have a drumline come out randomly throughout the game and play some stuff.  They announced them as the “Cavaliers from Rosemont, Illinois” but they were dressed in Bears jerseys and…its the off season.  After a little thought I concluded (Lesko, correct me if I'm wrong) that they were age-outs, quite possibly of many years.  It was too weird for me, though, because they looked really sloppy, weren't a full line, and played warm-ups that I thought were really lame.  Plus, except for the one announcement, how was anyone to know who they were–but then again, I felt kinna embarrassed for them, so maybe it was better that way.

Anyhow, the game was awesome.  They not only won, but hardly let Carolina score any points.  You might even say it was flipp'n sweet.  I got a lot of high-5's from the guy next to me, and from my dad.  On the way home I slept.  Now I'm going to take a nap and head to bed.  ((and by the way, I'm on break!!!!))


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