Hung out with a friend most of friday. It was nice to get away from the buzz of school for a bit. Plus, beforehand I did some homeworks, which launched me into the weekend feeling somewhat accomplished.

Which is good, because I spent yesterday at a Badge Workshop for Girl Scouts. Late last night I went to a concert at the Union, which, because I went to see the last set, I didn't pay. Ludo was amazing, and I danced, hardcore. Plus, Tim remembered my name and my association with Jake. 🙂 I love seeing them live. I realized that this was my 4th time and I still adore them, almost 2 years later.

Sandy, Stef and I signed for an apartment this week. Whew. Thats out of the way. What a headache–and we hardly did any searching. In case you're wondering, we'll be out at U Commons on Lincoln. A bit of a trek, I know, but it'll be worth it for the pool. You can come swim too!

Cheers, fans. Leave me some love. (Did I mention break is 5 days away?!)


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