Everybody's work'n for the weekend!

The week is progressing. But thats not saying much considering its only Tuesday morning. The Islam test is done. As I told Sandy, I didn't leave crying, so at least I've got that going for me. Thanks for your prayers.

Do you ever feel like there are times when suddenly a lot of people die? I know its kind of a weird thing to say, but the grandparents of 2 different friends died on Sunday, and I keep reading about others in my email. Does anyone know when the wake is for Angie's grandpa? Is anyone interested in road-tripping?
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One last thing before I depart. I want to clear up some confusion around my name. I often get the question, “Do you want me to call you Kate or Katharine?” I'll explain, then you may decide.

I started using Katharine when I came to U of I to attempt to be more professional, and plus, its my name, so why wouldn't I use it? I had one friend accompany to Newman from high school who continued to call me Kate, so anyone that was mutial friends with Johnathon and me came to know me as Kate. Yet, at work, in class, and for most of St. John's I'm known as Katharine.

With the exception of some people at Newman, my family, and my friends I have retained from high school, most people call me Katharine. However, for my closest post-HS friends who feel comfortable breaking the norm and calling me Kate, I do not protest, because I feel it is a less formal, more intimate name.

And so I answer your question, “Call me whatever you want.” And I mean it. But if you're feeling really spunky, I'll also respond to Kat. 🙂

Wiggidty-wack? No, just regular type.


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