Will Farel should be on SNL again

I came home for the first time in weeks yesterday. I've needed to get a trim for quite a while, and since I knew there was a Super Cuts or something in town I went there instead of Maggie. I took a risk and got my bangs a little shorter. I don't really like it at all. I feel like I have cocker spaniel ears. But, I also can't be upset because it was my choice. So I'm just going to deal with it–its something different to try.

I went to a talk by Christopher West today on Theology of the Body. It was soo good. I really feel like I have a whole new outlook on life. I want to become a TotB scholar–it just makes me so sad that I have so little time to read. Really Sad.

Speak of which, I'm a little stressed about a test. I could use some prayers.

Back at school tomorrow, I have a 3.5 hour study abroad meeting. Finally, so details about the fact that I'm leaving the country in 3 months. But don't worry fans, I'll be back in time for drum corps season. Maybe I'll see you somewhere other than Nowhere, NJ this year.

Do you have my stapler?


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