I gave blood today and am happy to report that I'd reached my
gallon–meaning this is my 8th time giving. The lady told me there were
bells going off and people were applauding. She was really funny. I was
rewarded not only through the general feeling of good will, but also by
a free pen. It was a pretty sweet deal.

As she was bandaging my arm I couldn't help but think back to the time
I'd given blood in high school and they'd simply used a bandaid to keep
pressure on the area (rather than those nifty wraps). I remember how
much it hurt as I tried to take it off. I complained for an extended
period of time before Chris, my boyfriend at the time, attempted to
take care of me. Both of us standing in his kitchen, he used alcohol or
something to loosen up the stickiness and make the whole ordeal end. I
remember being so short with him and probably stomped away as he was
tending my arm.
How dumb I was. Not only was I freaking out about a bandaid (I thought
I was tougher than that…) I was also rejecting my boyfriend's
attempts to take care of me. Chris, if you're out there and reading
this, I know now that you were doing all you could; I was just really
dumb. Thanks.

But yeah, free pen.
                   Hey Kevin! I
love you lots.


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