Queen for a Day

Its one of those days where I really question my judgement.  The question: why did I get out of bed this morning?  I almost slept in to avoid going to work, but no, that would result in less money.  Despite the fact that I was dead tired from styaing up late to talk to someone adorable, I got dressed, accidently kicked my sleeping roommate (we'll see if she remembers…) and decided to wear something nice rather than my usual jeans and t-shirt.  The only highlight of my moming was Matt's retelling of the brown M&Ms story from Wayne's World II.  I was having so much fun I left for work at the time I should have been there.  Outside was rain.  I arrived late, cold, and soaking wet.  The nice pants I'm wearing are made of wool and stink like crazy when they're wet, not to mention the lining is sticking to my legs.  I am currently walking around the library with no shoes.  Why bother?  I need to let my socks air out.

It really is a funny story.  I'm just being bitter.

Thanks for all your prayers recently.  One more exam to go. 

Incoming: weekend.

                                                                                                                                                                                                    Liz, Julius and I miss you.


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