Amid Midterms

I just spent the last half hour or so looking at “illio 76,” the 1976 version of the University of Illinois yearbook. I'm supposed to be getting it ready for cataloguing, but it was rather distracting. I am not sorry I missed that year. What a disaster.

This weekend a drunken Noonan told me he missed me and wanted to see me at auditions again in the spring. Hhhmmm. Let me think about that one…
Hell no.
He told me he missed my attitude. Andy said its because I'm beautiful. I think I'll leave the country.

Two more midterms and its over. A 3-hour exam tonight. Seriously, if you're thinking about me today, could you please say a prayer? Another exam Thursday. I've never been affected by midterms like this before, I just watched everyone else sufer. However, now I've joined them. I feel this time is so much worse than finals becuase amid all the tests I'm also expected to show up for class, continue to write papers, continue to do homework, and go to work. Sigh. It'll be over soon…


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