She plays Wipe-Out on the drums

Let me preface this entry by saying that I KNOW bikes on campus are annoying. I walk places too and I hate them just as much as you.

I was riding my bike from Seibel to Lincoln today for my 11 o'clock. This, if you don't know, is like the busiest passing period of all time. People are everywhere. The sidewalks are full. Its gross. Anyhow, coming up to Lincoln, you have to make a sharp left tun across 1) the on coming bike lane and 2) the huge masses of people. With bikes coming at me from behind, ahead, and a bike blocking the ramp to the crowded sidewalk I attempted to get next to/ jump the curb.

I was unsuccessful and completely wiped out.

Although I had no serious injury and jumped up as soon as I could (which was really difficult, considering my limps were tangled amid each other and bike parts) no one bothered to ask if I was ok. Cute.

My favorite part was that I did something to my hip and it continued to have a charlie-horse all through “Introduction to Islam.” Cuter.

I'll laugh about it tomorrow.

It started raining around 7 and got super cold. I left for a meeting on the other side of the campus at 7:20. When I got there I discovered I was at the wrong building, the correct one was only a few steps from my dorm. I arrived soaking, cold, and 15 minutes late. 30 seconds after I sat down the meeting was over. Cutest.


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