Espress this!

I have recently discovered the power of caffeine. I've been personally opposed to drinking coffee for years because 1) I didn't want to get dependent on something 2) though inexpensive, it still costs money and 3) working at the health food store taught me how horrible it was for you. Plus, I am one of those kind of people that won't go to sleep if I have any caffeine past 6pm (including pop).

Yet, the professor of my Tuesday night lecture assured us that it was essential to do whatever we needed to do to stay attentive for 3 hours consecutivly. So, I started making myself a mocha at the Newman coffee machine. I discovered that not only was I attentive, but also excited about the lecture when I increased my caffeine intake. After the 3 hours, I had more than enough energy (and desire) do do homework for another few hours before attending mass.

I took these ideas into account and bought myself a mocha (I'm just not ready for the bitterness of straight coffee yet) while studying for extended periods of time–it seemed to really help surpress that desire to fall asleep 20 minutes into my reading. Not only this, but my appetite and need for snacking decreases and I have a better mental attitude.

A wonder drug? Makes me pomder why I didn't get into this sooner. Although I am still concerned that I will become dependent, and as soon as this happens I'll move away from Newman and will actually have to buy my espresso.

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